Back to School (for the 1st time)

Old Main001

Simmons College officially opened its doors to students for the 1892-1893 school year.  The first class consisted of 48 boys and 41 girls, and were instructed by 9 faculty members.  At this time the school held two different groups of students, the Primary Department and the College Department.  Within the College Department, there were 4 degree plans available, but in reality the only difference was how many and what types of languages were chosen.

Here are some highlights from the first catalog–

  • Holidays: 1 day for Thanksgiving, 2 days the week of Christmas, and the first day of May
  • Clubs: Two Literary Societies, one for young gentlemen and the other for young ladies, to meet once a week for debate and other exercises
  •  College Library: 600 volumes, Students are forbidden to bring literature of a “trashy nature” into the College building
  • Required Articles: each student is expected to furnish:
  1. A pair of sheets
  2. A pair of blankets
  3. A spread
  4. Towels
  5. Pillow-cases
  6. Comb
  7. Brush
  8. Toilet soap
  • Also included in the first bulletin was the first set of rules for the campus.

Rules 1

Rules 2

 The first catalog in 1892-1983 was 20 pages long compared to the 2013-2014 version which has 216 pages, and that’s just for undergraduates!

1892 catalog


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