Chants and Yells

Supporting your university sports teams is a time-honored pastime for generations of college students. Few things on campus bind students together like sitting/standing in the student section with their classmates shouting the chants and yells of their college. Hardin-Simmons, through several name changes was the recipient of many created yells.
Dr. Julius Olsen, science professor and Dean, created a yell for Simmons around 1908:

Rah- hoo-rah!
Sim Sim
Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah,
Simmons! Simmons! Simmons!

Quickly this yell fell out of favor, as it needed intricate timing, so much so that even those who knew it often yelled in the off-beat.


A small pamphlet was later published entitled “Official Songs and Yells of Simmons College” which include such yells as:

Wild and woolly, wild and woolly
Bust a broncho, beat a bully;
Hootin’, tootin’, cuttin’, shootin’
We’re the bunch that do the rootin’!
Zip Spang Simmons

Hay-seed, hay-seed, punkin, squash
Simmons, Simmons, yes by ———–.
Strawberry shortcakes, gooseberry pie,
Are we in it? Well, I guess,
Simmons! Simmons! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Gone are the days when ________ had a team;
Gone are the days when ________ was supreme;
Down in defeat before the purple and gold,
We hear their gentle voices calling:
“Take us home!”

In the present day, chants and yells have mostly gone away, and have been replaced by songs performed by the Cowboy Band. The camaraderie and school spirit remains, however, and will continue as long as there are students to yell.


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