Arizona Bill

Not many people recognize the name Arizona Bill anymore. The name has disappeared from the consciousness of people walking the campus, but the symbol remains. Arizona Bill is the name given to the cannon that sits between the Old Main bell and the pond, on a stand of built up earth and rock named Fort Babe Shaw. Both names are tributes to students who gave their lives fighting in World War I, along with eleven others–

Chester A. Adams | Jack Blount  | Kenneth Burns | Ennis Camp | Robert Embry | Aubrey Fisher | Allister Goodnight | O.A. Keele | Frank Martin | Reed Morris | Dennis Pumphrey | Stephen Dupree Rainey | Clyde Shaw

Fort Babe Shaw Cannon

Over 400 young men (and one young woman) from then Simmons College played a part in World War I. Although many of them never graduated, they are a part of the tradition of HSU.


The anonymous poem below first appeared in the 1921 Bronco and paid homage to those who lost their lives in World War I.

arizona bill001


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